Van Wreckers

There comes the time in the life of every van that it is time to find a buyer. Van owners don’t have to hassle with trying to find a buyer with Car Wreckers Brisbane just a phone call away. No matter what condition your van happens to be in, we will buy it! We offer free van removals to all locations in Brisbane, Logan, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Before we are done with our job, you’ll have up to $9999 cash in your hand. Give us a call today for a free 24 hour van removal or a same day van removal that pays instant cash!.

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We are a fully licensed van wrecker that serves all vehicle owners in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Logan with quality van wrecking services that pay top cash!

Van Wreckers  

There are all kinds of vans- that once beautiful Ford Transit that is now closer to scrap condition than you ever expected it to be, or that Toyota Sienna that on the last drive down the coast dropped its engine. At Car Wreckers Brisbane, we accept and buy all makes and models of vans. Whether you have an aged foreign van or a scrap or accident domestic van, running or not, we will buy it.

Our van wreckers Brisbane are the best in the industry, specialising in van wrecking. When we offer a van owner a cash offer on their van to be wrecked, we carefully calculate the resell value of its parts and components once recycled, as well as its weight in steel, which we’ll also recycle to resell and reuse. Our wrecking system is one that takes a totally useless van and recycles its parts, metal and components for reuse and resale, 100 percent. Our eco-friendly recycling process adheres to green recycling principles. This is how Car Wreckers Brisbane offers top cash on all van removals and disposals we perform.

FREE Van Removals 

Unlike other van wreckers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Logan, we don’t charge a cent to come to your location and pickup your van. Our free van removals extend to all locations in the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Logan and always put cash in the vehicle owner’s hand. We accept, remove and buy all conditions of vans, including:

  • Scrap Van Removals
  • Accident Van Removals
  • Flooded Van Removals
  • Fire Van Removals
  • Salvage Van Removals
  • Junk Van Removals
  • Wrecked Van Removals
  • Damaged Van Removals
  • Rusted Van Removals
  • Broken Van Removals
  • Used Van Removals

Whether your van is ready for the wrecking yard so our expert van wreckers Brisbane can get started on recycling its parts and metal or whether it is in resale condition, just give us a call. We pay cash on all free van removals.

Contact Us Today 

Get a free van removal that pays cash- even on that Toyota, Ford, Holden or Nissan that’s going to the wrecking yard by calling Car Wreckers Brisbane at the number below.  We can also be reached by contacting us through our “Instant Van Appraisal” form that is located at the top right of this page.  Get a same day van removal or a 24 hour van removal in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast or Logan by contacting us today.  Up to $9999 instant cash could be in your hand just for the call.

Call us at 0415 991 696